Media Cynicism 101 – Some Links For Beginners

Due to an interesting lesson today in which we watched the virtuous Noam Chomsky, some interesting ideas were discussed. These mainly consisted of myself and a few other in the class supplying answers and the others dosing off to sleep because they weren’t allowed to drink cheap, nasty cider or ‘go on Facebook innit.’ Anyhow, due to this lesson in which others either didn’t care or seemed new to media cynicism, I have decided to try and provide a few links to things that can assist you in propagating the fact that the media is bought and paid for.

The Slog –

This is a very interesting blog of which I was made aware only recently. It is written by a gentleman by the name of John Ward. He is a retired industry insider with many contacts still inside the many different industries that make the world tick. He writes frequently (pretty much daily, if not multiple times a day) and he always posts interesting media analysis in connection to whatever is happening in the news at that time. Find out more at

The No Agenda Show – or

This is a fantastic twice weekly podcast by two media assassins Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak. It doesn’t even need explaining. Just listen to it. Yes, there is some serious inside baseball (inside jokes/terms) but once you listen to a few shows you start to see the patterns and recognise what they mean. Also, Google helps a lot… I would recommend, if you’re just a beginner, either go back and listen to the back catalog – (from maybe about 290-ish because that’s many hours of media assassination) because whilst the news might be outdated, it gives you a good idea of what these two are about and it helps to develop your questioning sense – or you start at episode 381 – – which is where Adam reveals his data collection of details around the oil fields and pipelines in the Middle East and why Syria, Homs in particular, has been in the news of late. This is one of the best investigations that I’ve seen in a long time, forget The Guardian Investigates: Them Riots What Happened in London.

So, there’s a few for you to get your feet wet. I will be posting more links as time goes on, so watch the media cynicism 101 tag on this here website for more details.

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